Global Harmful Algal Blooms

GlobalHAB news and events are announced at the front of this web site and in the IOC 'Harmful Algae News' newsletter which also serves as the newsletter for GlobalHAB. Link to download of Harmful Algae News.


Modelling and Prediction of Harmful Algal Blooms

GlobalHAB session at PICES Annual Meeting:

Evaluating, Reducing and Mitigating the Cost of Harmful Algal Blooms: a Compendium of Case Studies

Advanced International Colloquium and Technical Workshop on Fish-Killing Algae and Their Effects

A Good Practices Manual to investigate the impacts of Climate Change on HABs

A scientific Summary for Policy Makers on mitigation strategies for freshwater cyanobacterial blooms

Free download at:


GlobalHAB theme sessions and engagement presentations 2018:


GlobalHAB Town Hall Meeting at ICHA17






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