Global Harmful Algal Blooms

The GEOHAB Core Research Projects:

GEOHAB Core Research was comparative, interdisciplinary, international, and directly addresses the overall goals of GEOHAB as outlined in the Science Plan. Core Research will directly address Programme Element 4 on Comparative Ecosystems and thus will cross-cut the other Programme Elements. Core Research involves scientific co-ordination by the SSC. Core Research comprises oceanographic field studies conducted in, and application of models to, comparable ecosystems, supported by identification of relevant organisms, and measurements of the physical, chemical and biological processes that control their population dynamics.

Targeted Research

Targeted Research addresses specific objectives outlined in the GEOHAB Science Plan. Targeted Research may be solicited by the SSC as the need arises from Core Research Projects.

Regional/National Research

Regional/National Research includes activities relevant to the objectives of the Science Plan, but may have other overall objectives.  Regional/National research is co-ordinated at a regional or national level rather than by the SSC. 

Framework Activities 

Framework Activities are activities that are not research, but will facilitate the implementation of GEOHAB. They serve to enhance the value of research by ensuring consistency, collaboration and communication among researchers.

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