Global Harmful Algal Blooms



  • GlobalHAB Science and Implementation Plan - Download.

    Berdalet, E., R. Kudela, E. Urban, H. Enevoldsen, N.S. Banas, E. Bresnan, M. Burford, K. Davidson, C.J. Gobler, B. Karlson, P.T. Lim, L. Mackenzie, M. Montresor, V.L. Trainer, G. Usup, and K. Yin. 2017. GlobalHAB: A new program to promote international research, observations, and modeling of harmful algal blooms in aquatic systems. Oceanography 30(1):70–81, Download

   M.A. Burford et al. 2019. Solutions for managing cyanobacterial blooms: A scientific summary for policy makers. IOC/UNESCO, Paris (IOC/INF-1382). Burford et al 2019 Management cyanobacterial blooms

  • Title : Burford et al 2019 SSPM Cyanobacterial blooms


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