Global Harmful Algal Blooms

PROJECT TITLE:Selvagens Islands: an emerging "hotspot" of benthic harmful algal blooms


Time frame: March 2021 - February 2024

Principal Investigator: Pedro Reis Costa

Address: IPMA – Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, Av. Dr. Alfredo Magalhães Ramalho 6, 1495-165 Lisbon, Portugal

Phone: +351 213027169

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Key Persons:

Ana Amorim, MARE, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

Ester Serrão, CCMAR, Centre of Marine Sciences, Algarve University

Paulo Oliveira, IPMA-Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere

Carolina Santos, IFCN – Madeira Institute of the Forest and Natural Conservation

Neide Gouveia, SRMP – Madeira Regional Secretary of Sea and Fisheries


Main goals:

1) Investigate the origin, dynamics and fate of Gambierdiscus populations and of other BHAB species; 

2) Characterize the benthic-epiphytic microalgae communities, with particular attention to toxic species and assess the influence of environmental variables on their growth and toxicity.

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